About Us

Mary Help Association is a group within the Catholic Church to continue the mission entrusted by Christ to all Christians. The members are priests, religious, laity and all those who have good will to serve Christ in humanity.

The membership is open to anybody who want to serve the people especially the poor and most needy in any part of the world. We provide direct services in to meet the needs of the people in nutrition, health, education, and shelter, among others. In addition, we provide cash assistance and otherwise to those in the region who are unable to reach our facilities.

Our vision in South Sudan is to reach people in their present need and prepare them professionally an spiritually for a better tomorrow.

We seek to alleviate suffering by reaching out to the sick and needy and educate children in remote villages. We hope to prepare a suitable place for the people to pray and enjoy the presence of God in their lives. In addition, we aim to spread the good news of the Lord’s peace, love, and joy, through regular services. The South Sudan we hope to help build is one that is self sufficient and reliant on agricultural activity and professional skills.

Our Mission is to prepare facilities, such as the Alelchok Hospital and Nursing College, where people may seek health remedy through trained personnel. We also conduct regular surveys into surrounding villages where there are no such facilities to meet the needs of the people. We are constructing training schools, hospitals, primary and secondary schools, and women’s education centers to create a self-reliant South Sudan. To help heal the history of trauma the people here have known, we also prepare places of retreat for prayer to experience the power and mercy of the Lord.

We thank you for your time and learning of our mission and invite you to assist us in our work in any way possible.